Ghosts, Toasts, Floats and Hopes (March 1 – 17)

In support of Mayor Johnson’s decision to forgo a big parade this year for St. Patrick’s Day, we would like to offer a fun, socially -distanced alternative filled with the spirit of the beautiful Hostess City and are asking Savannah residents and businesses to get creative and decorate their homes, porches. stoops, windows, garages, and balconies this year float style. Think BIG like the New Orleans Mardi Gras style floats (yes we are borrowing the idea a bit this year from our ‘Nawlins friends but wanted to give it a Savannah flavor so each city can celebrate its individuality). The idea is for decor to be visible both to passers-by on foot as well as to cars driving down the street. We are asking all neighborhoods all over Savannah to participate and residents and business owners can add their location and category to a virtual map and photos, memories, traditional St. Pat’s recipes, and more can be shared via social media.Residents and businesses may start decorating at any time (we are giving a suggested two-week window time frame starting the first week in March and running through St. Patrick’s Day so that there is enough time for multiple neighborhoods to get involved. Decorating and all costs of materials, as well as set-up and clean-up, are the responsibility of the individual property owners and participants. Not sure what to do? Some ideas and discussions will be forthcoming.The slogan of the event is Ghosts, Toasts, Floats, and Hopes in hopes of raising community spirits during this unprecedented time and to show off the creativity and true hospitality of Savannah. While sad that the parade is canceled this year, we fully support the City of Savannah’s decision and ask everyone to adhere to state and local health advisories and mask up! Please know that this event is not hosted by the City of Savannah.The Rules:
1) Please keep decorations/signage on private property and off the tree-line and city sidewalks.
2) Decorations must not impede any city, emergency, or mail services. Please make sure house and business address numbers are still visible and paths to entryways free and clear.
3) Please be respectful of your neighbors and make sure decorations are family-friendly and not offensive in terms of race, religion, creed, or sexual orientation.
4) Be sure to adhere to all local ordinances in terms of noise, lighting, and placement of signage.
5) Please clean-up after the event and dispose of materials properly via sanitation service or recycling programs.

Link to the map:…Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Erin Go Bragh, Savannah!

Organizer: Abigail Stevens

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