Sip ‘N Shop Soiree


Andrews kicks off the season with THE NEWCOMER (St. Martin’s Press; hardcover), a fish out of water tale about a woman who may be in over her head following the suspicious death of her younger sister who left behind a daughter, a “go-bag” full of cash, and a cryptic message about where to flee in the event of her death.

“If anything bad happens to me—it’s Evan. Promise me you’ll take Maya and run. Promise me.” These words haunt Letty Carnahan as she flees New York City with her niece Maya after discovering her sister’s murdered body. Letty has no further information about what she is running from and why. One thing she is certain of? Who she is running from: Tanya’s ex, sleazy real estate entrepreneur Evan Wingfield. She knows in her gut that Evan is somehow responsible for Tanya’s death. 

Tanya was a woman shrouded in mystery and secrets, so it is no wonder to Letty that her one clue about where to go is a faded old magazine article about a sleepy mom-and-pop motel in a Florida beach town with the improbable name of Treasure Island. The Murmuring Surf Motel, knowns as The Surf to regulars, is the winter home of a close-knit flock of retirees and snowbirds who don’t particularly care for newcomers. Exhausted and desperate with nowhere else to turn, Letty makes a deal with the motel’s owner and settles into the old storage room. As she tries to unravel her sister’s shady past, care for her grieving niece, and figure out what to do next, she must keep a low profile, particularly around the owner’s suspicious (and handsome) son Joe, who is also a local police detective. With danger closing in, it’s a race to find the truth and right the wrongs of the past.

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