Pennies and the Spirit World

We’ve all heard that Savannah is supposed to be the most haunted city in the country. People travel from all around the globe to come here for the history, the scenery, the food and yes, for the hauntings. They love going on ghost tours and true believers leave the city with tales of their ghostly adventures.

Am I a believer? Let’s just say I approach the subject with a healthy skepticism. BUT… Recently I have been finding pennies – and not just a few. I find pennies every time I go out for a walk. Typically I just leave them lying there but today when I went for my morning stroll around a portion of the historic district, pennies were everywhere. If you listen to the legend and lore of the spirit world, you know that spirits leave pennies in your path to let you know they are there watching over you.

I spotted the first one and just smiled as I thought about how pennies are supposed to be placed there by a spirit. Then about 10 feet further up, there was another one. I stopped and took a picture of the second one and backtracked to get a picture of the first one. I then decided that if I saw another one, I would stop and pick it up. I rounded the corner and walked several feet, and sure enough, there was another penny. I was absolutely amazed. I did pick this one up and the feeling I might not be alone on my walk grew a little more intense. Another few feet and there were two more pennies. I gathered these up as well. So a total of five pennies in one short walk around Reynolds Square and the adjacent block. Things that make you go “hmmmmm!”

So I headed back to my desk and decided to write this blog post. While writing a co-worker stopped by to chat. I was telling him about the pennies I had found and the story associated with pennies in general. He laughed at me and the story but then a guest entered the hotel and as she looked up to say hi to both of us, she dropped a penny. It appeared to actually jump out of her pocket…

But why pennies? There are so many other coins to choose from — nickels, dimes, quarters — that are circulated just as much if not more than pennies, but we don’t seem to find these silver-colored coins randomly lying around. Copper — the metal of which pennies are made up — is considered a conductor and apparently relatively easy to be manipulated by a spirit. Copper is a conductor for electromagnetic fields, which are said to be emitted by spirits.

Dowsing — a type of divination used to locate water, buried metals or elements, oil, gravesites and many other materials or items — is sometimes done using rods (divining rods) or other conductive metals such as iron.

Dating back to the 15th century, dowsing rods have also been used to communicate with spirits.

In those early days, dowsing was thought to be an act of occultism and satanic.

However, in paranormal investigations, the theory is that the rods act as a conductor of hidden energy sources and that spirits reside within these fields and draw upon the energy to manifest themselves.

Because spirits are thought to be connected to energy fields, they could, in theory, manipulate the rods in response to “yes” or “no” questions.

Dowsing rods are embedded into handles which are held firmly in each hand. The rods are free to swivel in response to elements, running water or spirit interaction.

Based on the thought that copper is easily manipulated by those in the spirit world, it makes sense that ghosts could leave pennies behind as they travel through our world.

So, the next time you visit Savannah look for pennies, open your mind and let yourself hold on to the hope that it could be a gift from beyond.

2 thoughts on “Pennies and the Spirit World

  1. We were skeptical when we moved to Savannah. But within a few weeks of moving into our house, I started noticing and sensing ghost activity in the house. So much so, that I started journaling the activity. But when I actually saw one standing about 8 feet from me outside my house at 11:30 on a bright sunny summer morning….YUP…I’m a firm believer in ghosts!!

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    1. It was just so bizarre to see all those pennies when out walking earlier today but when that last penny practically jumped out of that lady’s pocket, it really got my attention. Love this stuff!


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