Welcome to Savannah, Y’All!

Hi, I’m Jean, Savannah’s self-proclaimed concierge. Actually I work as a concierge in Savannah, one of the country’s most vibrant cities. I love my job. I love sharing Savannah with all our guests and visitors but not nearly as much as I love hanging out in Savannah – dinner (we truly are a town for Foodies), theater, historic mansions, River Street, roof top bars and pralines (we can’t forget the pralines!) or the hauntings.

As part of my job, I write a weekly newsletter that is emailed out to local concierges. Recently I have been approached by several different people asking if they could be added to my email list. This got me thinking that maybe a blog was in order so that everyone has access to current “happenings” in Savannah.

I may not have every event or special happening listed here, but I will make every effort to research and list all events as well as new openings and closures.

If you ever have any questions about something in Savannah, please either send me an email or leave a comment on a blog post. I will respond as soon as possible.

Please follow me on Instagram @savannahs_concierge